50 Things To Know About Me

Hey, everyone! As my first blog post, I decided to write about who I am so you could get an idea of what The Camila Project will be about. Thank you so much for accompanying me on my journey and so without further ado…Here are 50 things to know about me! I am a 100% […]

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The Perfect Day

To me, the idea of a perfect day is beautiful. Seldom does anyone ever experience a perfect day. Sure, there are good days. Great days. Unforgettable days. Mediocre days. But perfect days? That is not common to hear. I am sure everyone has a different idea on what their perfect day is. For some people, […]

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Why I Love Tattoos So Much

Ever since I was a young girl, tattoos always intrigued me. I would look up at these humans whose bodies were filled with drawings that did not erase and thought they had to be magical. In some way, I was right. Tattoos are magical. As I grew older, I learned that society did not give […]

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