50 Things To Know About Me

Hey, everyone! As my first blog post, I decided to write about who I am so you could get an idea of what The Camila Project will be about. Thank you so much for accompanying me on my journey and so without further ado…Here are 50 things to know about me!

  1. I am a 100% Mexican and lived there until I was 10!
  2. Texas is my home, no matter where I go.
  3. I´m allergic to grass.
  4. My birthday is November 24, so it always falls over Thanksgiving break!
  5. I want to study International Relations to eventually work for the UN.
  6. My dream city to live in would either be Newport, Rhode Island or Dubrovnik, Croatia.
  7. I have been to 20 countries!
  8. I am OBSESSED with dogs.
  9. Mexican food is my favorite food.
  10. Traveling all over the world is one of my goals for my life.
  11. I hate sushi with a passion.
  12. Bon Iver is my favorite artist.
  13. Indie music is my favorite type of music.
  14. My favorite show is Game of Thrones.
  15. I am a writer and have written stories over 20 pages!
  16. I am an avid reader.
  17. I am terrible at math.
  18. Fashion is one of my passions.
  19. Taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do.
  20. I am great at multitasking.
  21. Coffee shops are my favorite place to go when I am bored.
  22. I am the definition of a night owl.
  23. I hate tomatoes but love tomato soup.
  24. I am a picky eater.
  25. My favorite person in the world is my sister.
  26. My smile is my favorite physical feature.
  27. My eyebrows are my least favorite.
  28. My best personality trait is creativity.
  29. My goal for the new school year is to stay true to myself no matter what.
  30. I am a whiz at History and English.
  31. I´m not a fan of hot drinks, except tea.
  32. I am bilingual and currently learning French.
  33. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, even reading the series 7 times.
  34. I love drama movies.
  35. I´ve gotten surgery 6 times.
  36. I have a 5-inch scar in the middle of my back.
  37. I had a 98% chance of never walking again but beat the odds.
  38. Yoga is the only exercise I like.
  39. I can fall asleep under a minute.
  40. My record for hours slept is 16.
  41. I want to have both biological and adopted children one day.
  42. Before I get a job, I want to backpack across Europe.
  43. New York City is my home away from home.
  44. Croatia is my favorite country.
  45. I cannot whistle.
  46. I am a feminist through and through.
  47. Mental health is extremely important and meaningful to me.
  48. I want 5 tattoos by the time I am 30.
  49. I am extremely new to blogging.
  50. I believe to do good and be good is the best thing to be in this world.



13 thoughts on “50 Things To Know About Me

  1. What a great idea as your first blog. Gutted I didn’t think about it myself! I’m in England and would certainly recommend pooping over here when you travel, we are full of history.


  2. Its funny, your a Sagittarius and so is my bf (he was born on the same day!) And y’all have similar traits, yet I wish he had some of your other traits like being able to multitask! ;D Love the post, its nice to get to know people behind the blog!


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