Why I Love Tattoos So Much

Ever since I was a young girl, tattoos always intrigued me. I would look up at these humans whose bodies were filled with drawings that did not erase and thought they had to be magical. In some way, I was right. Tattoos are magical. As I grew older, I learned that society did not give tattoos a positive connotation most of the time. But it never mattered to me. Tattoos are art through and through.

People are often daunted by the idea that a tattoo is permanent once you get it. But I am not most people. I love that our body starts out as a blank canvas, as your own piece of paper. My canvas has been decorated throughout the years in the forms of scars mostly. I have 8 scars on my body and I wear them with pride. They make me a warrior. But aside from a warrior, I am an artist too. My favorite thing to do is to create stories, but I don’t want my own story to be just words scribbled on a page or typed on a laptop. I want my body to tell them too and I firmly believe that tattoos are such a beautiful way to do that.

I love who I am. I have gone through hardships in my life that shaped me in ways I cannot even begin to explain. All the hardships I have overcome have made me realize that I want to live my life freely and decorate it beautifully. Not only physically, but emotionally too. Tattoos not only decorate our bodies but they also have a way of mending your soul.

I am looking forward to the day I get my first tattoo. And my second. And my third. And however many I want.

Here are some of my tattoo ideas so far, please leave me more in the comments if you come up with any! All of them are appreciated:

  1. A Buddha on the inside of my ankle
  2. The words “This too shall pass” on my ribs
  3. The words “I´ll be around” on my ribs
  4. “Made in Mx” on the sole of my right foot
  5. My dog´s paws on my finger
  6. The Manhattan skyline on the inside of my elbow
  7. The outline of the 7 continents on my wrist
  8. The lyrics “And at once I knew I was not magnificent” on my upper back
  9. Sagittarius constellation on my ankle
  10. The words “Be still” written in cursive on my finger
  11. My dad´s birthday (place to be yet decided)
  12. The word “magic” on the back of my neck




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