The Perfect Day

To me, the idea of a perfect day is beautiful. Seldom does anyone ever experience a perfect day. Sure, there are good days. Great days. Unforgettable days. Mediocre days. But perfect days? That is not common to hear. I am sure everyone has a different idea on what their perfect day is. For some people, a perfect day may be an ordinary one. One that consists of staying in bed all day watching a new episode of their favorite show. For some, their perfect day would consist of doing something daring. Like skydiving or swimming with sharks. Let me tell you about mine, and I hope you leave me comments on what yours is!

To me, the perfect day includes a variety of things. My perfect day would take place during autumn, which is my favorite season. There is just something about the leaves falling and changing and the smell of pumpkins that never fails to make me smile.I would wake up at 10 am to the sound of the wind hitting my window and my dog moving around on my bed. After, I would continue my perfect day by taking a hot shower while The Lumineers plays in the background. Then, I would put on my comfiest fleece sweater and leggings, get in my car, and drive to my favorite spot in town: 7th & Park. 7th & Park is a beautiful coffee shop located in the downtown of my town, and they serve the best iced vanilla lattes. I would sit down at my favorite table and take out my laptop and headphones. Then, I would put on Holocene by Bon Iver and blog or write the morning away.

I would continue my perfect day into the afternoon by then heading over to my favorite restaurant in town, Tropical Cafe. I swear they have the best strawberry-pineapple smoothie known to man. I would then head to Pet Smart, the local pet accessory shop and adoption center on the weekends. I would say hi to the kind old woman who takes care of all the kitties and watch her lovingly dote on them. I would say hi to the wise old man who takes in stray dogs every week and pet the lovely animals who got worse than they deserved. Then, I would head on over to Target, my guilty pleasure store and get myself as many books I could buy with the money left in my pocket. I would then go back home, sit down on my front porch, put on Bon Iver again, and lay down as I watch the sunset rise and the sky turn multi-color. In my perfect day, the cold wouldn´t bother me and I would stay there until the day hid and the night came out.

As night approached, I would head back inside into my room. The room that is my sanctuary. I would change into my favorite University of Washington sweatshirt, cook myself some egg and sausage tacos, and tuck myself in my bed with my dog. Then, as it grew later and later, my two amazing parents would come into my room and hug me goodnight.

So that’s it. This is my perfect day. It´s simple, solitary, and ordinary but it´s perfect.




12 thoughts on “The Perfect Day

  1. Wow….my perfect day…I don’t even know where to begin with that. I know I would want to spend it with my boyfriend. It would be in late October – probably Halloween (our anniversary). I love the cool, autumn weather. It’s always so beautiful and there is a smell in the air that I love. We would dress up and bake themed cupcakes and go to haunted houses and stargaze like we did on our first date. I think that would be quite perfect.


  2. Sounds like a perfect day to me – I love autumn too, and the library is one of my favourite places – just love to stock up on novels and spend a day reading and binge watching foreign tv box sets – I love languages too.


  3. Thank you for making me think about this! I believe the perfect day for me would look like this: I would be in another country, with no schedule or plans, roaming around with my husband. We would get lost down the cobblestone streets, speak broken spanish and eat and drank when we found somewhere cool. At the end of the day, my husband and I would cuddle up, talking about the day we had and the beautiful memories we made then thank God for all of it!


  4. If I had to plan a perfect day it would probably include big things like travelling somewhere in the world in a private jet, eating as much food as i want and stuff like that. Yours is so simple and endearing. You care about the little things. I admire that


  5. i love the simplicity of this. it’s not reaching for the stars – it’s just about living the life around you – it’s so beautiful!


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